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Current Information
  Edward Irwin Keatting b. 9/1/1882 d. 8/19/1948
Born September 1, 1882 in Belleville, Hastings, Ontario, Canada
Died August 19, 1948 in Buffalo, Erie, New York

Married to Mary E. Keatting

*Partner of Dorothy Viola Hannah
Born April 2, 1904 in Port Hope, Durham, Ontario, Canada
Died March 9, 1985 in Cheektowaga, Erie, New York

Birth Mark left side back.
Circular Scar Right Fore Arm (Vaccination)
Complexion - Dark
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Girth 36"
Service Number - 451768

Buffalo City Records Year, address and occupation lived at the following with Viola

192052 Goodell, mechanic
1925427 N. Oak, laborer
1929827 Elm, chauffer
1930-32483 N. Oak, ice maker
1933113 Goodell, chauffer
1934-36885 Washington
1937-39553 Ellicott

Address at death:
553 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY

Death certificate shows his fathers name John Keatting, both father and son born in Chicago Illinois, this is incorrect. Most likely came into the United States from Canada without proper paperwork.

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